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S&S Canopies and Campers


If you see a topper that may work for your truck please call to ensure fit and availability. 





Jason Brand Topper

2014-2021 Tundra, 5.5'~ Bed, Crew Max Cab

4V33 Brown, Driver & Passenger side flip up side windows, interior headliner.


SnugTop HiLiner

2005-2015 Tacoma, short bed (6'~), crew cab.

Grey. Front fold down slider window, 50/50 passenger & driver side windows, interior headliner, all glass rear gate.


Leer 100XR

2014-21 Tundra 5.5'~ Bed Crew Max Cab

NEW. 218 Black. Front slider window, 50/50 passenger & driver side sliding windows, all glass rear gate, bare interior.


Leer 100R

2005-15 Tacoma, Regular cab, short box (6'~)

NEW. 8P4 Dark Blue, Passenger & driver side 50/50 sliders, double T Handle rear gate, interior headliner.


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