ARE Pricing Guide

Base prices on all models include installation and painted to match. This pricing guide is not a direct quote. It is here for informational purposes only. See “How to get a quote” below for more info.

Prices for truck caps will vary from truck to truck depending on the bed size and whether it is a compact or full size truck. Longer, bigger truck = slightly higher base price.

The reasons for the base price ranges between models (other than truck size) can be generalized as each sequential model has a different upgrade(s) compared to the previous model. Please call us to learn all the different advantages of each model and help you find what model could be the best fit for you (406) 755-5080

Roof racks can be installed on nearly all truck caps. ARE uses Yakima brand roof rack products and warranty’s their installation. However, you always have the option to pick another brand of roof rack products with us and get it installed the same day as your truck cap installation in our shop.

All truck caps can get upgraded features such as keyless entry, headliner (interior carpeting), windoors, pet screens, 12v power block, various roof rack options, extra lighting options, removable/slider front windows, cargo nets, and more.

ARE Cab High Models*

  • V Classic – “The value leader.” It’s functional and comes with all the standard high quality hardware you need to meet your needs. Comes standard with passenger and driver side 50/50 sliding windows, fixed front picture window, and an aluminum framed rear gate.

Base prices of $1,700for all available trucks.

  • CX Classic – “Functional and stylish.” An upgrade from the V Classic you’ll receive a truck cap with upgraded recessed passenger and driver side 50/50 sliding windows. This cap is built from a one piece mold meant to make it look sleeker, have stronger structure, and create a better seal between the cap base and your truck bed. 

Base prices vary from $1,810-$2,115.

  • Z Series – “Turn your truck into an SUV.” Well not quite… but this truck cap will be the sleekest most form fitting cap you can get from ARE. This cap comes standard with frameless, all glass, 70/30 passenger and driver side windows. The rear gate is also all glass and frameless. This creates the tightest seal possible in all areas. The rear gate has an upgraded palm handle on rear gate. This is ARE’s only topper that can be upgraded to keyless entry (locks pair with your original truck key fob)

Base prices vary from $2,617- $2,937

  • The Overland – “A tougher more rugged look.” This topper’s most noticeable feature is it’s two toned off road design: paint to match your truck with additional areas covered in black, spray on protective coating to add strength in high stress areas. All other features are standard to the V Classic model.

Base prices vary from $1,989- $2,011


*Maximum height of 20-23’’ from trucks base rail depending if the truck is a mini, mid, or full size truck


ARE Mid Rise Model*

  • MX Classic – “In a class of its own.” Similar to the CX Classic but with added head room. This topper is also capable of having the rear gate upgraded to full walk in door option which take place of the trucks tail gate.

Base prices vary from $1,966- $2,271


*Maximum height of 26-28.5’’ from trucks base rail depending if the truck is a mini, mid, or full size truck)


Other options ARE offers

  • HD – Heavy duty! Internal aluminum skeleton can be incorporated in to the CX and MX Classic models. This increases durability and weight pay load of the truck caps structure. Carry more, worry less.

  • OTR – Off The Road protection! Add this option and get the exterior of your truck cap covered in a spray-on protective coating (like the stuff you’d see in truck beds). This increases strength in high stress areas and is resistant to scratches and other damages to regular paint. Cannot be added to the Overland Model. $429

How to Get a Quote


Follow this link https://www.4are.com/ and it will direct you to ARE’s website. From there you will hit “Build Your Own.” This will take you to a new page and will go through the following steps:

  1. Find a dealer – Find S&S Campers as your selected dealer using our area code or city/state option. Kalispell, MT 59901

  2. Enter your truck information – You will need to know your trucks year, make, model, cab size, and bed size.

  3. Model - Pick your truck cap model

  4. Options - Pick any extra truck cap features you may want such as the HD or OTR option. There are many other options in this step you can add or you may stick to all standard options.

  5. Additional accessories – add anything extra you may want such as cargo glides, truck vaults, bed rugs, or topper EZ Lift.

  6. Overview – Review all selected options and information

  7. Hit “Request a Quote” – this will lead you to a page where it will ask for some personal contact information (this is solely used for the quote itself to allow us to contact you with our quote. It is not used for marketing, promotions, emails or calls outside of this quote unless you check ARE’s promotion box stating so).


After your quote has been submitted we should receive this info within a couple days and will respond as soon as we see it.

You may also get a quote by calling or coming in to our store and talking to one of our salesmen.


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