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Airtop Rack Mount
Autohome AirTop Roof Top Tent
Air Top

Significant improvements over the standard Maggiolina models include a longer mattress (now 80″—6’8″ of stretch out space!), a convertible rear door in addition to the two side doors, and a generous front window. Visibility is 360° from inside the Air Top!

AirTop Gas Ram Diagram
Gas Prop Opening

Four gas-ram lifts open the tent quickly and effortlessly

The Air Top is durable, water and dust-proof when traveling, and will provide a dry, comfortable shelter in any season of the year. The lightweight, locking alloy ladder offers stable access and collapses for stowing inside the tent.

Our fabric—as used in the Maggiolina models—is a specially made Dralon fabric manufactured in Europe and is the finest tenting material available.

Dralon Fabric Rating




Tear resistance

Color stability

Light Resistance



Very Good


Available in Two Sizes




Exterior: 51″ x 83″ x 12″
Mattress: 48″ x 80″ x 3.2″
Height: 36″ (Mattress to ceiling-tallest)
Weight: 119 lbs.

Exterior: 57″ x 83″ x 12″
Mattress: 54″ x 80″ x 3.2″
Height: 36″ (Mattress to ceiling-tallest)
Weight: 130 lbs.

Prices do NOT include freight